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(Iversity) – A simple location – based story

In the quest of wishlist tree

I am thinking about all those children who have to move to another place because of their parents new work or some another reason in their life. The parents get rather quickly used to a new environment, but for children it could be difficult sometimes.  A new playground, new paths around it, new buildings, all those look so strange to them.

My game tries to encourage new-come children to discover interesting points in a new space. You can find that kind of architecture everywhere, all those block and lawns, and even sidewalks here look so anonymous. With my game it will change, because….. you will meet someone.


Near to your block apartment, on the bank,  there is a sad rabbit sitting and crying. He has a big wish and doesn’t know how to fulfill it. As he cannot speak or write, you have to guess his wish and took it to the whislist tree. So first sit near to him on the bank and try to guess what his wish is. Then take him by the hand and look arround and find something which looks like yellow box with a letter „T” on it.


 Got it? Perfect! That’;s right! It’s a phone box. Take the rabbit with you and go to the phone box. Then you can see a number pad inside, on the telephone right? Try to count second number at the top (2) then multiple it by the last at the bottom (9) and the add the number which is in the middle of the square (5). Then, the sum is ? – 23! You’re right! That’s the number of paces you have to do straight ahead after going outside the telephone box.Image  

Done? You are really a master of the game! What you see here it’ is a big tree in front of you, right? That’s a whishlist tree! Now it’s time to prepare a rabbit wish. Use the pencil and paper you took with you. Write a rabbit wish and put it into the smallest hollow in the wooden trunk, so that nobody could spot it. It is only to whishlist tree attention.

Done! Perfect!. Now you can assure the rabbit that his wish will be fulfilled! By the way if you proceed with your own wish just the same way, it should come true soon, as well!