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(Iversity) – Meet Aunt Renie


Aunt Renie got a little bit tired and decided to drop for a while to her old friend Babcia Anetka who lives in one of the Polish town on the corner of the Beautiful and the Real Streets.

As Babcia Anetka is three years older than Aunt Renie, she may feel quite young with her . And so she does.

After drinking courteously a cup of fragrant tea, they started to gossip about the boys. Then Aunt Renie got interested in a knitting set lying aside and decided to learn this difficult handcraft from Babcia Anetka.


But with poor chance…


Finaly, after liberation she got a knitted hat as a present from Babcia Anetka.


„Oh!Thank you” – she said. -„When I go out wearing this hat, it will certainly leave all gentlemen in Potsdam out of breath and all Potsdamian ladies could not help their jealousy”

„I hope so” – reply Babcia Anetka smiling brightly:-)