In search of Christmas gifts

The last two week were spent in search of Christmas gifts to all my beloved ones. I almost see the finish line:-) Almost means that I baught „something” for everybody but not for my brother in law. What can I give to a mature single with no evident interests. Well, I think he’s got a lot of them, but the problem is he never speaks about. At least with me. So I went into some nice clothes shop. There were a lot of pyjamas on display. I check the label of the first model that got into my hands. Beside the price and fabric details there was given a name of the whole collection, which reads „Tomas”. That was a sign! Yes Tomas, my dear brother in law, you will find this checkered blue and brown pyjamas under Chrismas tree, and I hope that this is exactly you need the most at the moment:-)



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